Saint George’s Day Parade

St Georges Day Parade in Highams Park

The next St Georges Day Parade will take place on the 26th April 2020.


Previously the St Georges Day Parade in Highams Park.

At 9:30am the 17th Pals’ Battalion band marched from the Broadway down Selwyn Ave to Highams Park Baptist Church in Cavendish Road E4 9NG.

After the service at 11.15am the band marched from the Baptist Church in Cavendish Road to Signal Walk, E4 9BW (outside TESCO) and where they will played from 11:30 to 11:45am. The band represents both the 17th Waltham Forest Boys’ Brigade, as well as the 17th Battalion Middlesex Regiment (the Footballers’ Battalion).



The 17th Pals’ Battalion Band was formed in 2015 to commemorate both the 17th Waltham Forest Boys’ Brigade which is based at Highams Park Baptist Church, and the 17th Battalion Middlesex Regiment , which was more commonly known as the Footballers’ Battalion during the Great War.

The reason for the joint tribute is due to the vast majority of the members of the band being former boys in the 17th Waltham Forest and Steve Jenkins, the band master, also being an avid and passionate Leyton Orient supporter.

The borough’s only professional football club lead the way during the early months of the Great War when a total of forty-one players, staff and supporters of Clapton Orient (the Club’s name at the time), joined up in to the 17th Middlesex in December 1914.  The O’s were the first football club to enlist en masse.

Three Orient players lost lives during the Battle of the Somme in 1916 – centre forward William Jonas, centre-half George Scott and star striker Richard McFadden.

A number of the band members are also Leyton Orient supporters and the general interest in the Club’s service and sacrifice had led the band to join up with the forthcoming O’s trip which Steve Jenkins has organised for this June.

In 2018, the Pals’ Battalion Band and the Leyton Orient Supports Club went to The Somme and as part of the visit, the band has the honour of playing at Thiepval.