Everybody is welcome.  Entrance is £3 for members and £5 for non members with children free.  Where a Lunch (before the film) or Afternoon Tea (after the film) is provided  there is an additional cost of £2 per person for those who partake.

The next film

The next film to be shown will be on Saturday 28th September 2019 at the Baptist Church, Cavendish Road E4 9NG.  Everybody is welcome.  Doors open at 1:30pm and  the film at 2:00pm.

The film is ‘Evergreen’ (1934)

Harriet Green, a beloved and radiant music hall star of the Edwardian era, has a guilty secret: She has a baby daughter, born out of wedlock. Harriet leaves her public and flees to South Africa to raise her daughter quietly. The years pass, and now her daughter, Harriet Hawkes, returns to London as a young show-biz hopeful. Tommy, a wily publicity man, knowing that young Harriet is a dead ringer for her famous mother, convinces a theater producer to star her in a new revue as none other than the original Harriet Green, miraculously untouched by old age. The ruse works too well: Now the public believes Harriet is a well-preserved 60-year-old and Tommy is her son. The deception is more than merely inconvenient, because now Harriet and Tommy have secretly fallen in love.

Next Films:

26 October 2019 – Song of Freedom (1936)
30 November 2019 – Trottie True (1949)
14 December 2019 – A Run for Your Money (1949)
25 January 2020 – South Riding (1938)
22 February 2020 – Good Morning Boys’ (1937)
28 March 2020 – The Canterbury Tales (1944)
25 April 2020 – Populaire (2012)  Lunch 1pm and Film 2pm
27 June 2020 – The Mouse that Roared (1959)
18 July 2020 – The Dancing Years (1950) Film 2pm and Afternoon Tea at 3:45


A film is normally shown each month on the Saturday on the fourth Sunday in each month.  The film is shown each month except for the months of May and August.  Thanks to IMDB for the description above.